September 7, 2012

Meet the Teacher

Raeanne Wright Yoga Teacher

Raeanne Wright

Raeanne has been exploring the practice of yoga since 2005 and teaching since 2010, when she received her 200-hour teaching certification from Lotus Gardens Yoga School. Originally drawn to the practice for relaxation, she quickly discovered it was the only form of “exercise” she really enjoyed. She credits her first teacher, Missy Gifford of Lemon Tree Yoga, with getting her hooked and introducing her to the subtler, spiritual aspects of the practice.

Over the years, Raeanne has had a blast traveling to study different styles with different teachers. Her favorite influencers are Schuyler Grant (Kula Flow), Sadie Nardini (Vinyasa, rule-breaker), Elena Brower (Vinyasa, Hatha), Kathryn Budig (Vinyasa), Kia Miller (Kundalini), and Jo Tastula (Vinyasa). She is especially drawn to styles that blend creative, dynamic movement with a strong asana practice. She’s also intrigued by restorative and yin yoga, as well as the blending of yoga and dance.

As a teacher, she encourages students to listen to and nourish their bodies, embrace perceived “imperfections” and let go of what yoga “should be,” letting it unfold as an evolving dialogue between body and mind – a tool that opens us up to a better understanding of who we are, what we need, and – eventually – our greater purpose is in this life.

Raeanne is a freelance web designer and developer. She writes about her yoga adventures at her personal website,