November 3, 2014

Our Location

Foundation Hall at Christ Church is a casual, comfortable space with hardwood floors and plenty of room to spread out. The light shining through the stained glass windows in the summer months is especially beautiful. We are lucky to have this unique location to call home!

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We Have Props!

Mats, blankets, blocks and straps are available for use during all classes. Feel free to bring your own mat and any additional props that you need.

Wear Layers

Fellowship Hall is large, and while we generously turn up the heat during the winter months, it can get drafty on cold, winter nights. We encourage you to wear layers so that you can adjust during class and remain comfortable.

Currently, our supply of blankets is limited. Until we purchase more, please consider bringing your own.

Please Arrive on Time

We lock the doors prior to class begins to secure the Church offices downstairs. Please arrive at least 5 minutes early. If you arrive late and the doors are locked, please do not ring the doorbell.