Raeanne Wright

Raeanne Wright Yoga has been a compliment to my life for nearly ten years. Originally drawn to the practice for stress relief, I quickly discovered it was the only form of ‘exercise’ that I really enjoyed.

The physical practice transformed me; I was healthier and more fit than ever, and found that I craved the feeling of complete release I felt after a vigorous class and lengthy savasana.

Compelled to share what I had grown to love with others, I received my 200-hour teaching certification from Lotus Gardens Yoga School in 2010. I had been teaching for just under two years when I began experiencing health problems – swollen joints and muscular pain that was eventually diagnosed as inflammatory autoimmune arthritis. As my body began to develop severe imbalances, I struggled with even the gentlest yoga practice.

Today, I am still seeking balance and healing; I have learned – slowly, and not always easily – how to evolve my physical asana practice to support the ever-changing needs of my body.

I wish to give students more than exercise and relaxation, but to impart a greater understanding of how to listen to, work with, and nourish our one human body. I encourage students to embrace imperfections and let go of any preconceived notions of what yoga should be, and rather let it unfold as an evolving dialogue between body and mind – a tool that opens us up to a better understanding of who we are, what we need, and – eventually – our greater purpose is in this life.

Raeanne is a freelance web designer and developer. She writes about her yoga adventures at her personal website, www.yogatropic.com.

Past Teachers

Troy-Yoga was founded in 2006 by Joely Johnson Mork, and over the years it has been passed on from teacher to teacher. We’re honored to recognize the diverse, inspiring yogis who have made Troy-Yoga what it is today:


Jessica YoungJessica Young
Jessica taught Yoga for Balance and Yoga for Strength after moving to the Capital Region from Texas. “It is a goal of mine, as a teach to try to meet each student where ever they are in their practice, teaching not only to the room, but specifically to them. I hope to empower each student to realize the strength and joy that can come from their practice.”


Martha Moskowitz
Martha practiced yoga since her teen years in Western Massachusetts, where her first yoga-love was Kripalu. Always a fan of exertion, she was drawn to the more fiery side of practice through vinyasa-based approaches, but still cares very much about pausing, analyzing, and letting individual poses evolve with the breath. She completed her 200-hour teacher training in March of 2011 at Bliss Yoga in Woodstock, NY, where her teachers came from the Jivamukti and Om schools. Martha continues her efforts to reach past the athleticism of yoga and into the energy and consciousness of the Self.

You can continue to enjoy Martha’s excellent classes at Heartspace in Albany.


Ali Kenner
Ali received her doctorate from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and began practicing yoga to help with back pain and stress. Yoga not only changed her life, but transformed her research as well. Learn more about Ali here: www.alikenner.com


kasiusAndrew and Elizabeth Kasius
Andrew currently is the owner and manager of Heartspace Yoga & Healing Arts. He continues to offer a blend of asana, pranayama and meditation to help strengthen mental focus and awareness, a sense of peacefulness, enhance physical and energetic vitality, and foster an improved sense of connection within ourselves and with the world around us.

Elizabeth loved teaching beginners and her yogic focal point was stress relief and well-being. A musician and composer, Elizabeth is a Creative Arts Therapy faculty member at Russell Sage College in Troy. She also helps run Heartspace Yoga & Healing Arts along with her husband, Andrew.


Joely Johnson Mork
The founder of Troy-Yoga, Joely has been teaching for nearly 20 years and her style and personal practice are strongly influenced by the Sivananda and Integral schools of yoga. She currently resides in Washington state.

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